Photographer's journeys and adventures on display

Published 30.08.2016 01:10
Updated 30.08.2016 01:11

Photographer Oğuz Tan's photographs, taken during his 16,000-kilometer-long bicycle trip from Istanbul to Thailand, are on show at his exhibition titled "Oğuz is on the way." Tan quit his job as a systems engineer in 2013 and packed up his belongings to hit the road on his bicycle. For two years he traveled through Iran, India, and the Himalayas, reaching Thailand. Hosted by locals during his travels, Tan documented his adventure with his camera. He climbed 5,000-meter-high mountains with his bicycle and finished the world's highest ultra-marathon. Tan documented everything, from the locals to the unique nature. He took a break from his trip and returned to Istanbul in 2015 where he shared his experiences via presentations at festivals and panel sessions, as well as having his articles published in magazines. The exhibition, which offers a selection of Tan's photographs, will stay open at Zapata Moda until Sept. 27.

When: Until Sept. 27

Where: Zapata Moda, Istanbul

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