Boat events to end summer with 'We Jazz Bodrum'

Published 25.08.2017 00:00
Updated 25.08.2017 00:04

People in Bodrum are getting ready to have a unique experience at We Jazz Bodrum by the sea, which has started with concerts by Hindi Zahra and Karsu. Participants can swim in the Aquarium Bay and can watch the sunset with theirf friendson the Şakir Başaran boat, which will be put to sea from the port of Bodrum at 5:30 p.m. every Friday night from today. The sun will go down to the sounds of Sebastian Burneci's trumpet tonight. While the boat is sailing, Romanian trumpeter Sebastian Burneci will perform with his quartet.

Having won the first prize in the National Music Olympics, the master trumpeter will perform at a unique night on the water with his rich repertoire from Pink Floyd to jazz classics. While Marius Ciupitu will beat the drum, Florian Radu will play the trombone and piano. Razvan Cojanu will be the bass guitarist. The concert series has a different concept and will be one of the most attractive events at the festival. This boat event at We Jazz Bodrum is supported by the Roman Cultural Attache, Carnival Media Group and Pegasus Airlines.

When: Tonight

Where: Şakir Başaran Boat

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