Film depicts discrepancy between dream and reality

Published 24.08.2017 22:57
Updated 24.08.2017 22:58
Film depicts discrepancy between dream and reality

The cinema section at the 86th İzmir International Fair is continuing until the end of August. The program will screen "Rüya" (Dream) today. Sine is a young female architect who is inspired by the Seven Sleepers and designs a different mosque model in the form of a cave. She dislikes the architectural practice of the day. But the mosque construction that she designed cannot be completed because of various problems. Sine has a sleep sickness because of stress and begins to rehabilitate herself at a sleeping sickness center.

When she is sleeping in the center, she has a dream. She finds herself in the seven sleepers' team in this dream and she witnesses what has happened. When she is awake, she physically and spiritually changes but nobody can recognize it. Whenever Sine goes to this center, she starts to change. She reacts differently to every change.

When: Today

Where: İzmir Art

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