Istanbul short film fest for youth by youth

Published 31.08.2017 00:46
Updated 31.08.2017 00:48

A festival organized by students for students, the KısaKes Short Film Festival, will bring together cinema lovers from different corners of the world in September in Turkey. The festival, whose name translates to "cut it short," will be held in Istanbul. At it, young directors from 100 countries and a selection of films chosen from among 1,415 will be showcased. Cinema lovers will both discover these young talents and watch the special and entertaining film anthology prepared for the participants.

The festival will also hold a pitching competition themed "Living City," which is a collaboration between Pitching Platform and the Sarajevo Film Festival. Contestants will introduce their film projects in five minutes and from them four will be supported. While internationally prominent names from the cinema sector are sharing their experiences with participants in workshops and interviews, young filmmakers and art lovers will have an opportunity to meet renowned figures of the sector. An event featuring the first short film mini-market of Turkey will be held, as well as entertaining events for the participants at the end of the day after a busy schedule. On the night of Sept. 30, five films will go on to the finals and the participants of the Pitching Platform will receive their prizes while cinema lovers at the gala night look on.

When: Sept. 25

Where: Feriye Cinema Hall

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