Join the raw evolution at detox and wellness center in Bodrum

Published 25.01.2016 20:42
Updated 25.01.2016 20:47
Join the raw evolution at detox and wellness center in Bodrum

Luxury rejuvenation centers around Turkey, including one in Göltürkbükü, located on the north coast of the Bodrum peninsula, offer a wide range of therapies from detox programs to yoga and flexibility classes

You can find Turkey's first and only high-caliber detox center in Bodrum. First established there, it has now branched out to five other centers, including a new location on the beach in Türkbükü, centers in Istanbul and Antalya, their newest edition in Ankara and a wellness retreat center in Phuket, Thailand, which just opened in November. The center offers detox and nutritional healing programs as well as a wide variety of restorative, anti-aging and beauty treatments to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.

The LifeCo is an innovative detox center that offers personalized programs, master cleanses, daily yoga, spa treatments, massages and a variety of anti-aging therapies in their six locations in Turkey and now Thailand. They offer daily, weekly, monthly and even at-home personalized detox and restorative healing programs for anyone seeking them, as their motto is "adding years to your life and life to your years." Their serene retreat centers offer a relaxed environment in which to undergo a wide-range of holistic healing techniques, exercise and raw cuisine from their Saf Restaurant chain.

Opened more than a decade ago by the successful businessman Ersin Pamuksüzer after he got a taste of detox, wellness therapies and raw food himself and converted to the cause of well-being, The LifeCo is famed for being frequented by the likes of supermodels Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell as well as Sadie Frost, Kelly Brook and John Galliano.

I recently paid a visit to their flagship location in Göltürkbükü, located on the north coast of the Bodrum peninsula. Their specialty is the master detox program, which is also the supermodels' program of choice, which is a seven-day retreat on a liquid diet of fresh juices, added nutrients and probiotics, accompanied by daily hikes, yoga, meditation, massages and colonics. The whole point of the detox process is to ease the digestive system; therefore, while there are an endless array of restorative healing treatments, there is absolutely no caffeine, alcohol, sugar meat or dairy.

A typical day starts at 8:00 a.m. with the first of a series of fresh juice elixirs personally catering to individual needs that are consumed at 90 minute intervals throughout the day. An hour-long hike is then taken into the windy streets of the nearby villages, followed by a yoga session, colonic therapy and the use of the facilities extensive spa services. There are also a plethora of self-catering therapies you can add to your roster such as a Bali massage, ozone, oxygen and salt therapy, multivitamin drips, a cryogenic cabin and beauty and skin care just to name a few.

For the lighter-hearted, there are personally designed detox programs that can range from green juice detoxes to a mixture of juices and raw salads. In addition to their detox programs, The LifeCo also offers a number of nutritional healing programs such as their anti-aging, weight-loss and ketogenic diet, the latter of which is especially geared toward aiding in the maintaining of chronic diseases such as diabetes or epilepsy.

The LifeCo also offers a variety of therapy packages such as anti-aging, which includes services such as electro lymphatic therapy, ozone therapy, collagen and lifting. Their beauty therapy packages include body wraps, glutathione therapy and medical hand and feet care as well as a variety of skin care services. The weight control package features Alpha Stim, a cranial electrotherapy stimulation device that aids in anxiety and depression, Redcord exercises, an ozone sauna and massages, while for cardiovascular health they offer matrix rhythms, stress releasing and anti-aging protocols. There is also a wide list of therapies offered for diabetics, including reflexology, ozone therapy and sodium inhalation to name a few.

Everyone who goes through the program has a private meeting with their in-house doctor to discuss the needs of their own custom-tailored program. Live blood analyses are taken, meetings are held with a dietician and an extensive variety of massages as well as reflexology are offered by their in-house massage therapists from Bali. The most striking services offered are of course their "Angel of Water" self-administered colonics program offered daily to detoxing participants. In addition, guests are also given turbosonic vibration therapy, they get to spend time on inversion tables and jump up and down on trampolines, all part of the daily routine as part of this detox experience. Other supplemental therapies include liver flushes wheatgrass implants, light therapy, oxygen therapy, ozone sauna and salt therapy. In the latter, guests sit in a room covered with and swimming in sea salt. The Cryogenic Cabin Cold Treatment, one of their most popular for its metabolism-boosting properties, has guests emerged in a layer of nitrogen vapor at a temperature of minus 180 degrees Fahrenheit. The facilities also have a variety of saunas and steam rooms, a Turkish hamam, yoga and meditation rooms, gyms and a pool. In addition to their master cleanse and detox programs, their 14-day weight loss and 21-day "LifeChanges" programs are very popular. There is definitely something for everyone, and whether or not you have a few pounds to lose or a few bad habits to break, in our modern-day lifestyles we inherently and inevitably incur toxins that anyone could benefit from releasing in this therapeutic yet luxurious retreat location in Turkey's and now in Thailand's most popular tourist destinations.

The LifeCo's flagship center has 30 rooms; however, just this summer, The LifeCo opened a second location in the nearby swanky area of Türkbükü called Bodrum Beach, which has 14 rooms, the raw food Saf Restaurant and their own designated seaside. From Bodrum, The LifeCo also offers a seven-day Blue Cruise voyage for those who want to do their detox while setting sail on the Aegean Sea.

Their most recent edition is in Ankara, housed in Güven Hospital. And like their Istanbul branch in Akatlar, it offers outpatient detox and wellness programs as well as raw cuisine at Saf Restaurant. The Istanbul location also caters to daily home deliveries of detox juices, foods and snacks to give anyone the tools to embark on the detox at home.

In Antalya, The LifeCo is housed in the luxurious, 500-room, seaside Akra Barut Hotel, and in Phuket - which just opened in November and is currently in high season - 40 rooms, 20 villas and 14 luxurious suites surround a lagoon located just a stone's throw away from Nai Thon Beach and just a five-minute drive from the airport. Together, these features make it the perfect destination to go on a special journey for a holiday detoxing adventure.

Although not at all extortionate, added up, all of these rejuvenating and pampering services can certainly be steep, but The LifeCo is offering a very special package for Valentine's Day in which through the month of February, lovebirds can take-part in a two-day detox with a series of special added services such as massage, skin care, infrared sauna and a Turkish bath at either their Bodrum or Antalya locations for the discounted price of $455.

There is no better time than now to join the "raw evolution" and feel better, look better and drop a dress size all while pampering oneself with raw foods, spa treatments, massages, beauty treatments, exercise, yoga and meditation for a new wellness routine and hopefully a healthier life. Inshallah!

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