Fashion nostalgia for men

Published 26.11.2014 00:44
Fashion nostalgia for men

This winter, men’s street style has taken a step back in time. Fashion from the past has come back from the dead to revive the 20th century

As a new year approaches, new trends and fashions follow closely. With innovations to the trends of previous years, the men's department has been hit with modern and futuristic notions of nostalgic concepts. Combining colors and cuts that make statements all year around, men's fashion will display eye catching nostalgic looks in 2015.

High waters are back; slim fitting, high waist slacks are among the fashion forward trends this coming year. The tailored and crisp look of the slacks with a sleek seam line and cuffs cropped at the ankle is what everyone is walking in this year. Cut off just a few inches before it should be, the new look among male fashion lovers is recalling that of the high water pants from the 70s. The cropped look of the pants can be combined with thick winter socks and boots to give it a sophisticated yet bad-boy look. The return of these fashion phantoms is here to shake up the fashion world.

The flack jacket has made a scene in this year's winter collections bringing forth much of the history with it. The roots of this fashion trend are deeply imbedded in the history of World War I and World War II when bomber pilots wore the jackets to keep warm during flights. This military essential has become one of the warmest and stylish fads of this winter. The flack jacket goes with any style and can be worn in various ways to create a different look every time. Use it as a statement piece to carry your day look into the night or simply match it with a sweatshirt and jeans for a casual look. With fabrics ranging from satin to fleece, this short cut jacket is a must have for men's closets this winter.

The roll neck has returned as well gentlemen! The warm sweater, which has been worn for centuries around the world and also known as a turtleneck, has a promising future for fashion lovers. Both men and women have worn this staple piece in winter in different ways while also combining various styles for years. From the 19th century on, the roll neck has been associated with academics, philosophers and intelligence. Classic yet sophisticated, the roll neck has the power to add a bourgeois touch to any look you want to achieve. Keep it sporty with jeans and a jacket or dress it up as a replacement for a shirt and tie. This sweater goes with anything and is a good investment for 2015.

Season after season, the biker jacket has showed up in fashion shows, runways and clothing lines. The indispensable piece has been popping up since after World War I when the look became associated with rebels and rouges. The edgy bad-boy look of the biker jacket has kept its popularity since some of our favorite actors such as John Travolta and James Dean were seen sporting this look. The timeless piece with a classic cut is back this season for men who want to catch the classic look with a modern twist, as 2015 has put a spin on the look by taking the leather out and giving the same look to suede. Different colors of suede biker jackets will catch your eye this season with big buttons, chunky zippers and pockets all over. The biker jacket will serve as a centerpiece for any outfit.

The next piece this season also took inspiration from history. The original gentleman look of the 1920s was a man in a pinstripe suit. Gangsters, jazz musicians and movie stars of the time were all rocking the pinstripe, including Al Capone and Cary Grant. The pinstripe has come a long way since then and has managed to lighten up the 20th century. Men are using the simple vintage look to bring a futuristic and sharp image to their styles. Paired with the perfectly tailored skinny slacks and the right shirt, pinstripe suits can give you the sophisticated Wall Street business man look your are aiming for. With shorter jacket lengths and innovative cuts to the suit in general, the pinstripe is making a fashion statement this year. Ranging from suits to jackets, slacks, ties, shirts and even socks, the pinstripe has become unavoidable, even for casual wear.

Fashion is repeating itself. Dig through the depths of your closet to find the nostalgic pieces you want to rock this winter. Keep in mind, nothing says vintage like the original piece!

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