Turkish, Indonesian designers join forces for modest fashion

Published 26.09.2017 19:54

The biggest players in the modest fashion industry, Turkey and Indonesia, are coming together tomorrow for a new era. Organized by Think Fashion and the Consulate General of Indonesia, the Gate Jakarta Istanbul will bring seven Indonesian designers and brands with the pioneers of Turkey's modest fashion.

At the event, modest fashion designers and brands will present their new collections as well as share their experiences in the industry.

Modest fashion pioneer Irna Mutiara, who presented her collections from Australia to the Netherlands, modest fashion brands Applecoast Noore and Singapura, which have more than 21 sales points in the U.S. alone, groundbreaking designer Jawhara Syari, designer Lily Mariasari, who attracted the attention of the world fashion industry with her authentic style, fashion influencer Sazy Zahra, and Indonesia based global fashion brand #Markamarie will share their experiences with Turkey's pioneer modest fashion designers and brands.

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