Turkey attracts $4.5B of FDI in first seven months of 2017

Published 27.09.2017 19:14

In July, $404 million of that $808 FDI came from cash capital inflow to the country and some $327 million of that amount came from European Union countries with Austria leading the list. That country was followed by the Netherlands, Italy and Germany. The figures signify that Turkey received almost 81 percent of capital inflow from the EU.Moreover, 78 percent of the FDI during the January-July period flowed into Turkey from EU countries. The Netherlands ranked first with $1.3 billion, and Austria came second with $286 million. Germany, the U.K. and France were the other major countries from which Turkey secured FDI flow.

Of $4.5 billion FDI, $1.4 billion accumulated from activities of financial intermediary firms, while $950 million came from the energy industry. The remaining $745 million was accrued from manufacturing industry operations.

Meanwhile, the FDI flow during January-July 2016 was $6.3 billion, which signifies Turkey has seen a 9.7 percent decrease in FDI inflow this year in the first seven months compared to the same period last year.

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