Healthy do-it-yourself snacks to make at home for kids

Published 03.08.2016 23:41
Updated 03.08.2016 23:45
Healthy do-it-yourself snacks to make at home for kids

Turning snack time into a more creative thing with easy home-made treats is also healthier for your children, who will never resist junk food wherever they are, but there are tasty recipes that both save time and make the children happy

There are so many healthy snacks that families can graze on that are super tasty and just as cost-effective. At home, mothers can easily make tasty snacks for their children. Stressing that breakfast is still the most important meal for children, Dietician Aslıhan Küçük of Medical Park Hospital said, "The positive effect of regular breakfast every morning on learning has been proven in scientific studies. Constantly skipping meals has negative effects on the child's school performance and overall success. Breakfast enables the child to be more successful. The child feels full for a longer period. Obesity rates among children who regularly have breakfast are significantly lower."

Recalling that every child wants to have snacks while playing, watching TV and studying, Küçük continued: "Shopping malls and stores offer endless snack choice options for children. Of course, rapid development of more convenient options presents a new set of challenges in healthy food options for kids. The majority of snacks contain high amounts of saturated and trans fats and their colorful packaging grabs the attention of children but their nutritional content is a threat to the child's health."

Küçük recommends a few very practical, easy recipes.

Cheese balls

If your child does not like cheese and you cannot manage to make him/her eat it, this recipe is for you. Mix a white cheese with sun-dried tomatoes, black cumin, finely cut parsley and ground walnuts. Mix these well and knead them together, then make small balls. You can coat the cheeseballs in black cumin, sesame seeds or finely cut dill weed. These are an easy no-bake option for kids.

Apple chips

Apple chips are easy and healthy snacks to make and children will love them. Just slice the apples thinly and lightly brush the slices with lemon juice. Dust the slices with a pinch of cinnamon and put them on an oven tray layered with parchment paper, being sure the slices are not touching. Bake them for about an hour at 100 degrees Celsius.

Fruit yogurt with oatmeal

Mix the yogurt and turn it into a strained yogurt. Pick any fruit that your child would like and chop it into small pieces and add it to the yogurt mixture. The best fruits for the recipe are banana, orange, apricots, grapes and pineapple. If your child does not like the chunky texture, you can put the mixture in a blender with milk. Add a spoonful of cooked oatmeal and stir. There you'll have an amazing snack.

Baked spicy potato chips

Potato chips sold in stores have high fat content, cause weight gain and threaten pediatric health due to their carcinogenic ingredients. Cut potatoes into thin slices and soak them in water for half an hour. Dry the slices on paper towels and mix them with olive oil, chili pepper, mint and a pinch of salt. Place the slices on an oven tray covered with baking paper. Bake them for about 45 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius.

Strawberry milkshake

Place one glass of milk with a handful of fresh strawberries into a blender and mix. Add one stick of vanilla or a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a spoonful of honey. Beat it until foam appears. This is a delicious, healthier option that your children will love.

Chocolate banana and pineapple sticks

Melt bitter chocolate bain-marie style. Cut a banana and a pineapple into thick slices and arrange them on a service plate that is freezer-safe. Stick toothpicks in them for serving, cover the slices with the melted chocolate and place them in the freezer for one hour.

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