Turkish cooking courses becoming popular in Germany

Published 30.08.2016 01:04

Under the guidance of nutritionist Anja Krumbe, Germans in Köln are learning Turkish recipes as part of the "Mach mit Küche" cooking project. The interest in Turkish food in Germany is obvious, but more Germans are mastering their cooking skills at Turkish cuisine courses.

The participants learn a variety of Turkish food at the courses, ranging from traditional dessert like baklava and künefe, a popular cheese dessert from the southeastern Hatay province, and main courses like Turkish-style braised green beans and mantı (mince meat-filled dumplings). While preparing recipes, the trainees use fresh products and cook healthier food.

"Turkish cuisine is really tasteful but when we cook we reduce the sugar content in it," she said. Döndü Uslu, a Turkish resident assisting the courses said they try to adhere to original recipes. "Germans quite enjoy cooking Turkish food," Uslu concluded.

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