Balıkesir's famous soup takes over 10 hours to prepare


Balıkesir province's famous bone broth-based meat soup is a great winter option. Prepared in 15 hours, the soup, which is good for both bone development in babies and also the treatment of many patients, is also advised by doctors.

In the winter months, meat soups prepared with bone broth are preferred by patients and families with babies. Hasan Yıldız, head of Balıkesir Chamber of Restauranteurs, gave information about Balıkesir's meat soup, which is as famous as the city's renowned vegetarian dishes and stews. "The meat of Balıkesir is the highest quality meat in Turkey.

This city is a capital in agriculture and stockbreeding. Our people are devoted as much as our lands are fertile. The ingredients used to prepare our meat soup are butter, flour, broth, egg yolk and yogurt. It takes between 12 and 17 hours to prepare it. How does a soup take so long to prepare? For instance, when we start to boil the bones at noon, they are cooked until the next morning. Then, the soup is put into a cookware and left to rest. After resting, we add some meat pieces in the soup bowls and serve it with butter, lemon, vinegar and with garlic," said Yıldız.

Remarking the long and difficult process of the soup, Yıldız added, "This healthful soup is especially good for the stomach. In the winter, soup is an essential meal for the people of this city. Orthopedists advise their patients to have a broth-based soup. Our soup is both symbolic and also remedial. Families also choose it to support their babies' development."

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