FIFA boss wants North-South Korea friendly

Published 27.04.2016 23:16

FIFA President Gianni Infantino said Wednesday he was willing to try and set up a football match between North and South Korea as a way of easing hostility on the divided peninsula. On a visit to South Korea which coincided with a recent upsurge in tensions between Seoul and Pyongyang, Infantino said such a match would highlight the spirit of football as a game "beyond borders" that can unify rather than divide.

"We should bring everyone together around a football pitch... I'm ready to help and assist in whatever way is necessary," Infantino told reporters.

The two Koreas last held a friendly match in Seoul in 2005. Before that they played two consecutive games in October 1990, in Seoul and Pyongyang, under the title "Inter-Korea Unification" matches.

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