A tale of 2 Clasicos

Published 25.04.2017 01:05

There were two "Clasicos" this Sunday to watch, the El Clasico and the Turkish Clasico, and it seemed that it would be a football feast until the kickoff whistle blew in Istanbul. Although they share the same name, "Clasico," it is obvious that Barcelona and Real Madrid are otherworldly compared to the mediocrity of Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe.

While the Spanish Clasico happened to be one of the greatest games in history with its quality and result, regrettably the Turkish Clasico was a total disaster. Thus, with the incomparable game quality in Europe, Turkish football has to take a break from the illusion of the "Turkish Clasico" and start learning from their European colleagues.

First of all, even though both Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe, who have always been thought of as the best teams in the country, were out of the title race before the game, they were still financially the highest valued teams in Turkish football. Nevertheless, the quality of the game they played was inferior to even the games played among the middle class teams of the Premier League, La Liga and the Bundesliga.

Therefore, despite their financial strength, marketing skills and huge fan base, the two Turkish football giants can't even play on par with a third-class Spanish team.

On the other hand, we see sophisticated strategies, fast tempo and incredible goals in the Spanish Clasico, which is why both teams fully deserve their title. It is always very entertaining to watch El Clasico. But even the league leaders in the Turkish Super League, Beşiktaş, cannot compete with the fifth-placed team in the French League, Olympique Lyonnais.

At this point, it is clear that we need a fresh page in Turkish football, in which the credibility of the all actors must be questioned.

The first question must be as follows: Although Turkey has a football history almost as old as the Europeans, why is the football so drastically different? Let me answer; because Turkish football has yet to cleanse the Mafioso within itself, and as long as the individuals can't be held accountable for the financial status of the Turkish clubs, this can't happen.

So, what happens next is that, although this Mafioso has enough money and manpower to achieve bigger goals in the European arena, they aim for short term goals to fill their pockets and this shortsightedness leads to the destruction of any long term, reformist plans to transform Turkish football.

The Turkish people that tell themselves that Galatasaray versus Fenerbahçe is a worldwide derby must remember the game between these two teams in 2009. Just like this season, the two teams were again out of the title race and faced each other to save their seasons with a derby victory. Again, just like this season the quality was horrible and the players started opting for violence to win the hearts of their fans.

Thus, just when an embarrassing fight began, a Spanish TV anchor, who was commentating on the game for a TV channel said, "We want to watch football, not a street fight," and then turned off the broadcast to the game.

To sum up, this lie that Turkish football tells itself cannot last forever, and it is evident that the low quality of the games are not conjectural but repeating in a continuous pattern. Therefore, without hesitation, those who administrate Turkish football must make radical decisions without losing any time, because Turkish football has nothing to lose right now.

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