Fenerbahçe on right path, but need a better team strategy


Aykut Kocaman's team showed decent effort against both Sporting Lisbon and Olympique Marseille, but they were unlucky in their final shots. Unlike the previous coach Dick Advocaat, Kocaman's primary concern is not saving the day; therefore the team does not utilize tricks but try to implement a pure game with all costs.

They managed to press their opponents effectively, produce opportunities and showed a decent physical performance. Nevertheless, the team still cannot yield the desired defensive and offensive results in a constant manner, and the game still tends to be a chaotic one.

Now, I am hopeful that Kocaman will form a good, fighting team, but they need to be careful about some points.

First of all, the main reason why the game mainly becomes a chaotic one is the build-up process. Fenerbahçe's defense does not always bring the ball to the midfield with precise passes and generally opt for risky, imbalanced long-balls to send the ball to the offensive players.

Secondly both goalkeepers, Volkan Demirel and Carlos Kameni still kick the ball to the opponent's half from goal kicks, which eliminates all the efficiency of Kocaman's plans. Rather, just like the German national team in the Confederations Cup, Fenerbahçe should not be afraid of making passes around their penalty box and patiently circulate the ball until the right occasion happens.

Another similarity with German national team and Fenerbahçe is that both teams are not mainly made up of talented players. Added to that, both Joachim Löw and Aykut Kocaman are not the type of coaches who rely on the talented players, but make strategies and set-pieces to solve problems.

Thus, Kocaman must understand how come an under-talented team can be so effective by watching the games of Germany in the Confederations Cup very carefully. There he will see that Löw did nothing but creating set-pieces for every occasion and positioning his players rightly, something which Fenerbahçe can do easily. The rest is up to Fenerbahçe players and how pure they can play that game.On the other hand, if Fenerbahçe will mix some chaos with their repeatable patterns, they will need some extra talent to solve problems. Nabil Dirar and Mathieu Valbuena added a good amount of talent to the wings, but they alone cannot produce the desired offensive results.

Fenerbahçe has to make sure that the offensive support coming from defensive midfielders and the number 10 position will be enough to seal enough opportunities. Right now, the Mehmet Topal, Souza and Alper Potuk trio is giving way below from what is expected of them, and the offensive build-up is duller than how it should be. Kocaman can solve this problem by either crafting talented set-pieces or by buying talented players to control these areas, otherwise Fenerbahçe's offensive performance will be inadequate for this season.

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