The collapse of Turkish football philosophy as an avoidant parent

Published 04.09.2017 23:37

There is a certain type of parent that we all know, the type that never truly cares about their child but tries to compensate for his lack of care with toys, pets, video games or money. These people often develop an unhealthy relationship with their child and often their child develops an unhealthy relationship with the world. Nevertheless, if you asked the parents what went wrong, they would say that they had done everything, and had not spared anything from their child. However, the truth is, they have never truly cared about what their children wanted and how they can guide them to achieve those goals. Now, go change the words parents with people who are in charge of Turkish football and the child with Turkish football, and you have the story of football in Turkey.

The biggest two clubs in the country, Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe were eliminated from the European arena by fifth class teams, the national team was obliterated against Ukraine in World Cup qualifiers, the country fails to produce young, talented players and Turkish football is discussing the fat percentage of some players. No, ladies and gentlemen, the reason why Turkish football collapsed today is that the ones who rule it are totally ignorant and irresponsible when it comes to football administration. They fired Fatih Terim because he was involved in a restaurant brawl, but has anyone planned the rest of the qualifiers or how the team can make a transition in a short period of time? When they signed a three-year contract with Lucescu I tried to convince myself that this could mean a long-term project. But if the Turkish national team's performance against Ukraine proves one thing, no one in the Football Federation cares any more than if it were the day after their contract ended.

Mehmet Demirkol, a famous football columnist for Fanatik, claimed that "it cannot be Mircea Lucescu who prepared this team, because this team makes no sense." In my latest piece, "Not hidden coalitions but coaches should build teams," I also articulated the threat the Football Federation posed, and how calling up Oğuzhan Özyakup to the national team after media pressure might mean that it may not be Lucescu who prepares the Turkish national team. Now, someone like Lucescu must have known that his contract would only be valid for three years if he can make it through to the World Cup. Given that he only had one month until the Ukraine game and could work with his team on only three occasions, it was obvious that he had to listen to other people, who apparently know the Turkish national team very well.Now, unfortunately we do not know who they are and how they work in the Turkish national team, but one thing is for sure, their philosophy was destroyed in the city of Kharkov. Seeing as it is nearly impossible to change this philosophy in the three days until the Croatia game and eventually until the World Cup, there is no need to pray for the survival of the Turkish national team. Thus, I claim that anyone who truly cares about Turkish football has to let this ill mentality die for a better future and should not prioritize short-term success.

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