Turkish football constitution with a Kantian approach

Published 09.10.2017 22:45

After the Turkish national team's collapse against Iceland last Friday, the ugly truths of Turkish football have slapped the faces of anyone who deceived themselves. Now, all of Turkish football media are talking about how to build a strong future for Turkish football rather than developing sneaky plans to somehow get a World Cup ticket. In my latest piece, I wrote that regardless of the result Turkey gets against Iceland, economically, socially and administratively, Turkish football has failed and can no longer move as it is now. Today, the best way to start building is to make a constitution for football, in the light of Enlightenment values and Immanuel Kant.

In his political writings, Kant argues that a civil contract that aims to build a free, fair and a democratic state is the ultimate end for all who care about the wellbeing of their community. In order to do that, we must first give rights to citizens, to constitute justice, and the first and foremost requirement of a right is the restriction of each individual's freedom so that it harmonizes with the freedom of everyone else. If there is no possibility of reciprocal coercion guaranteed by a social contract, there is certainly a devoid of justice and a possible injustice. We restrict our freedom by giving right of coercion to a contract so that we can live more free and justly.

Now tell me, what right do the people have against all the corrupt executives of Turkish football? The clubs are full of debt, the playground is being terrorized by a macho culture and the interest and sympathy toward football has plummeted, but there is no right for any of us to coerce these people to comply with the rules and regulations, if there are any. Thus, Turkish football is in a devoid of justice and there is certainly injustice, then why do we still allow this system to continue? Why are we so afraid to save the game which is dear to almost everyone in Turkey?

However, as Kant warns us, the ultimate end of all periods of injustice is revolution, if they do not evolve themselves. Football is simply crucial for Turkey, and Turkish people will not tolerate this corrupt football system anymore. The only way to prevent this energy from being destructive and instead use it to construct, is creating a social contract for football so that anyone can embrace the game as theirs. Without getting rid of the swamp first, we cannot get rid of the mosquitos. Apply strict financial regulations, develop long-term plans with professional people and intellectually prepare your youth to compete with others. I believe in Turkish football, and there is no other way to carry it to the top other than starting from the bottom. As Roman general Sulla told the young Marius whom he defeated: "First, you must learn to pull an oar, only then can you take the helm."

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