Some soccer tryout tips for young players

Published 31.07.2018 00:36

Summer can be the best time to start things from the scratch. In summer, young football players all over the world train as hard as they can to boost their career. It is like is the spring of football as opportunities and possibilities bloom everywhere, while everyone starts in the same condition on that first day of training.

Nevertheless, a free agent's mind works much differently than a club player. The former has to battle the constant pressure of tryouts and the feeling of being judged all the time. I know the feeling, all of my teenage years were full of failed and successful tryouts. The most important thing I learned is that one must have the mental strength to deal with the pressure of tryouts.

Firstly, do not follow the ordinary idea and focus on showing your talents to the people watching you. Although many YouTubers and internet football gurus will disagree with me, expectations from you vary greatly for each team and each position. For instance, a defensive midfielder is not expected to have great dribbling skills or a fantastic shooting talent, but simply a good spatial awareness combined with a solid defensive effort would suffice. So, in that position, you would not need to surprise everyone on the pitch with your talent, but simply cover your area and pass the ball with good accuracy.

This leads us to another myth that I read all over the internet, that you should not focus on teamwork but rather should present your talents. A wise coach would know that football is a team game and a player should do what is necessary for his team rather than showing off. You would end up looking like a selfish player while trying to present your talents. Believe me, no coach would want an egocentric player in their squad, since it disturbs the way the team operates collectively. So, stay calm and focus on the way the tryout proceeds. Focus on how you can do the best move in each position so your team can perform the best.

Secondly, never underestimate or overestimate the other players in tryouts, since it can cost you dearly in the end. The problem with underestimation is clear, but overestimation is more subtle, common and dangerous. Some players may have a better background. They may come to the tryouts with friends and make you feel like you are not in their league. You must always remember that everything unfolds when you are on the pitch and you should not give up mentally before even trying.

Lastly, keeping a good physical form is crucial, so even though you are not part of a team yet, you should work as if you are a member of a team. This will keep you fit and you would not be outperformed by other players who exercise regularly. Hard work always pays off, and practice is the only way you can improve yourself. So, never give up, fail a lot and eventually, you will see a window of opportunity has opened.

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