Paris Saint-Germain aims to open 6 more soccer schools in Turkey

Published 27.11.2018 19:01
Updated 27.11.2018 19:21
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Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) Football Club and the Football Union Company have announced that they are planning to open six more soccer schools across Turkey in 2019 with a 5 million Turkish lira ($950,000) investment.

PSG opened its 15th school in Istanbul on May 26 and aims to open six more next year with the goal of reaching 3,500 students in 10 cities.

The schools aim to raise football players for PSG's youth setup, as well as to set a model for Turkish teams.

Speaking about the schools, PSG Soccer School Turkey founder Nihat Uğurlu said: "We currently provide training for 350 students. We aim to increase this number up to 450 by the end of the year. There is a worldwide famous giant behind our school which we opened as the first step as part of a 10 million Turkish lira (TL) investment, and there will be new investments in Turkey as well."

Uğurlu said they are planning to focus primarily on the provinces of İzmir, Bursa, Ankara and Antalya.

The target population of the soccer schools will be children aged between 4 and 18 years.old.

The courses will include English and French language classes, as well as personal development classes apart from those related to the sport.

The school provides direct employment opportunities for 500 people, 300 of whom are trainers. It aims to employ 10 personal development experts, 10 dieticians, 20 psychological counselors, 20 sports pedagogues, 300 soccer coaches and 140 sales experts in 2019.

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