Abdullah Avcı's Beşiktaş on the right track

Published 23.07.2019 00:21

Beşiktaş has arguably made the best transfer of the summer by signing former Başakşehir manager Abdullah Avcı. His long-term approach and organized strategies will be crucial in the future of the club as Turkish football enters a new era. The following decade will definitely require more organization and more discipline, and Beşiktaş signed perhaps the best manager in Turkey.

Nevertheless, for long-term planning it is necessary to have the support of the executives and especially the chairman. It is crucial that Chairman Fikret Orman and his crew understands Avcı's vision and agrees with it. Otherwise, expecting short-term results with long-term plans will prove to be a recipe for disaster.

However, as a sign of good faith, Beşiktaş started the season by paying the salaries of previous months rather than signing new players. Constantly shuffling the squad with new transfers is very common in Turkish football and it is a clear sign of short-term goals, but paying salaries regularly without making "sensational" transfers shows that you are serious with you long-term goal.

Plus, the players also understand that the executives believe in the new project and will not abandon it at the first hurdle. Building this trust among the club is absolutely necessary if the club wants to achieve long-term, repeatable success.

On the other hand, Beşiktaş already have a high quality squad and players like Oğuzhan Özyakup, who disappeared last season, can make a comeback. While their main opponents are obsessed with new transfers, Beşiktaş can significantly push themselves forward by investing in a new strategy. The last two seasons under Şenol Güneş saw a decline in the quality of their football. The team could not handle the pressure of the Champions League and sacrificed their promising attacking game in favor of a traditional counterattacking game.

In contrast, Avcı's Başakşehir was the best team possession wise with a rate of 60 percent throughout the season. Although they were the best defensive team of the season and conceded only 22 goals, they did not achieve this by parking the bus.

Avcı kept their opponents away from his goal by building his game in their opponents' half. Başakşehir kept circulating the ball patiently in the opponent's half until they found an opening and that is why they won most of their games 1-0 or 2-0. If Avcı can combine his possession game with Güneş's counterattacking strategy, he may create the most versatile team in the league.

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