Working retirees live longer, research says

Published 29.04.2016 12:09
Updated 29.04.2016 12:23
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A recent research study has revealed that those who continue working after they retire live longer compared to those who stop working.

The research, conducted between 1992 and 2010 by Oregon University in the United States, found out that among 65 years-old or older, working for a year decreases risk of death by 11 percent.

Even those who had health problems had 9 percent less risk of death, compared to those who did not work.

Among those who participated in the research, 12 percent of those without any health problems and 25 percent of those with health problems died.

"Continuing to work provides people with better social and economic benefits and this makes people live longer," the research Director Chenkai Wu said. Wu added that while people pay attention to the economic benefits of working, they do not acknowledge the health benefits of working.

The research focused on 3000 participants who were 65 years old or older. They were divided into 'healthy' and those with some health problems.

Those with a health problem were one third of the total number of participants. The research concluded that those who worked after retirement decreased risk of death significantly despite their health issues.

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