Beauty and care fair comes to Istanbul

Published 02.04.2017 21:33
Updated 02.04.2017 21:34
Beauty and care fair comes to Istanbul

Throughout history, women have always put enormous emphasis on their beauty. To stay beautiful for as long as possible, ancient women developed formulas to keep their skin looking young and pretty. Although the products and formulas have changed over time, these beauty rituals still exist and are stronger than ever.

The latest beauty trends and beauty technologies are coming to town in April. The 28th edition of the Beauty and Care Fair is scheduled to be held between April 6-9 at Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar Congress Center, bringing local and international medical doctors, aesthetic and beauty experts, dermatologists, hairdressers, and other industry professionals to the city.

Last year, the fair hosted a total of 147 beauty and makeup companies, 508 different beauty brands and more than 20,000 visitors. It will offer several events panel sessions and contests, including skin treatments, device applications, makeup and hair shows. On April 8, the fair will host the "Time of Gypsies" themed contest and makeup show. Additionally, the "Hair Design Show" will take place on April 9.

During the fair, the rising organic makeup and skin care trend will also be discussed by the representatives of leading beauty companies as well as cosmeticians. Cosmetics customers in Turkey have become more aware of the major brands' recent stance on nature. According to a recent study, Turkish customers prefer and trust nature-friendly products the most. The increase in the number of products that feature organic ingredients, such as olive oil, attract a growing number of customers daily.

The 2016 Cosmetics Report released by Ministry of Economics suggests that hair care products are best and highest selling beauty and care category in Turkey. It also highlighted that Turkish customers have a tendency to buy their beauty and makeup products monthly instead of daily. Apart from routine cleaning and beauty regimes, Turkish people spend an extra 116.8 minutes on their appearance. People monthly spend around TL 61 ($17) for their own cleansing beauty regimes, while spending around TL 137 on household cleaning products.

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