Smart wristwatch for the hearing impaired makes life easier

Published 04.11.2018 22:07

Sense Watch, developed by Turkcell's Arıkovanı, is a personal assistant for hearing-impaired people. It will help them complete daily tasks without any help from others.

Every year, some 1.3 million babies are born in Turkey with hearing problems. In Turkey alone, there are 8.5 million hearing-impaired people. Sense Watch converts sound to vibration and helps hearing-impaired people to communicate like us. This smartwatch also converts the sound to text and works with other smart devices.

With sense watch, the user can turn their favorite songs and "literally" feel the rhythm. The watch can also alert users when someone is at the door or their baby is crying. The device can also inform users about public transport timetable as well as weather and social events. With the Sense Watch's warning system, the user can walk more safely on the street and can instantly communicate with other Sense Watch users.

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