Turkish police detain 7 ISIS-linked suspects in Ankara

Published 15.11.2015 00:00
Updated 15.11.2015 16:13

Turkish police on Sunday have detained 7 ISIS-linked suspects in simultenous operations carried out in Ankara.

ISIS is said to have carried out the Oct. 10 Ankara bombing that killed 102 people at rally for peace as well as the July 20 Suruç attack that killed 33.

It was also behind the bombings of HDP offices and a rally in Diyarbakır before the June 7 general election that killed four people, the Ankara chief prosecutor's office said Wednesday.

Ankara has been doing its part to identify and stop potential foreign fighters seeking to cross the border to Syria to join ISIS despite little cooperation in intelligence sharing with its Western allies. As part of efforts, the police force has tightened security at transfer points such as airports, terminals, bus stations and rental car companies.

The police have done so by employing a special risk analysis system and a team tasked with tracking suspicious foreigners who travel to Turkey for the first time and minors who have made no hotel reservations.

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