Bodies of 4 young bakery workers found dead in Istanbul

AA Photo
AA Photo

Four young employees were found dead at a bakery in Istanbul's Başakşehir district, in a tragedy police believe may have been accidental.

Adem Porsuk, 24, his brother Oktay Porsuk, 17, and two young Syrian employees Idlipli Agil Resid and Hikmet, whose surname could not be determined, were employees at the bakery kiln in Başakşehir's Hürriyet Boulevard.

The bakery's owner found the four men unresponsive at 11:30 p.m. when he came to wake them up to prepare the dough. He immediately called emergency services, who rushed the unconscious men to a hospital. All four later died, however.

Police have detained the bakery's owners, R.Y. and O.T., and opened an investigation into the cause of death. Initial evidence suggests it may have been accidental, likely due to carbon monoxide poisoning. No weapons or lethal objects were found at the scene of the emergency.

The four corpses were sent to the forensic medicine institute for an autopsy, after which the exact cause of death will be clarified.

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