11 captured in operation against FETÖ

Published 25.02.2018 22:59

Police in the western city of Çanakkale detained 11 suspects linked to the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) yesterday. Suspects were in hiding in so-called "gaybubet (absence) houses," or safe houses for fugitive members of the terrorist group. Police confiscated propaganda material for FETÖ in the raids at the safe houses while three other suspects wanted for their links to the group in Çanakkale remain at large.

FETÖ is accused of masterminding 2016 coup attempt that killed 249 people. Through its infiltrators in the military, the group tried to seize power after Turkey escalated operations against them in early 2014.

Since the coup attempt was quelled, thousands have been arrested or detained for membership of the group, forcing the group that long posed as a charity movement to hide its members in gaybubet houses. Officials say FETÖ looks to recover from its losses by reorganizing itself through secret meetings of its members yet undetected by authorities. Nationwide operations are being held almost daily to capture FETÖ members, although the majority of senior cadres eluded authorities by fleeing abroad after the unsuccessful putsch bid.

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