Families speak of disillusionment with NSU trial

Published 11.07.2018 00:00

Ahead of the final verdict in the trial, families of the National Socialist Underground (NSU) victims held a press conference to express their disappointment in not finding answers to their questions.

Abdülkerim Şimşek and Gamze Kubaşık, the son and the daughter of two of the murder victims, as well as Arif S. and Kemal G., two surviving victims of a bombing in Cologne, came together in Munich, where the hearing will be held. They spoke about how the trial fared and what they had expected. Şimşek, son of Enver Şimşek, the Turkish florist shot dead by NSU on Sept. 9, 2000, in Nurnberg, said: "I have always asked myself why my father was chosen [as a target]. I still couldn't find an answer to my questions through the five years of trial," he told the reporters.

"We would have a completely different life if my father sold flowers somewhere else, or had a day off at the time of his murder," the lamenting son said. He does not believe that it is a coincidence his father was picked randomly by NSU. "I still cannot grasp how a country like Germany failed to shed light on the murders during these five years. I am totally disappointed," he said. Şimşek also pointed out that they were still waiting for an apology from German intelligence and other security agencies about the murders. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has already apologized.

Gamze Kubaşık, the daughter of Mehmet Kubaşık, murdered by the gang in Dortmund on April 4, 2006, said their pain was "still fresh" and they will "carry the suffering to the grave." "When the trial began, I was hoping to find answers to some questions. Chancellor Merkel promised us [to that extent] but it all turned out to be empty. I am upset," she said.

Kubaşık called for a new prosecution and trial for those who aided NSU. "I want to find out who ordered my father's killing. The BfV (German intelligence agency) should reveal all files related to the case," she said.

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