HSYK reassigns 2,600 judges and prosecutors

Published 12.06.2015 19:37
Updated 13.06.2015 01:20

The High Council of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK), Turkey's top judicial body, announced the reassignment of 2,664 judges and prosecutors on Friday.

According to the new assignments, Prosecutor Fikret Seçen, who was in charge of conducting Ergenekon and Balyoz investigations during his post as İstanbul Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor, has been reappointed to the Çorum Prosecutor's office.

Istanbul Public Prosecutor Ufuk Ermertcan, who allegedly have ties to the Gülen Movement, has been reappointed to Adana Public Prosecutor's office. Ermertcan was in charge of conducting Turkish football club's match-fixing case.

Another significant decision was the reappointment of Remziye Başak Şaktanlı to the position of Tunceli's attorney general. It is the first time since 2005, a woman has been assigned to the attorney general position by HSYK.

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