AK Party: Presidential system reforms in everyone's interests

Published 19.03.2018 00:34

Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Deputy Chairman Hayati Yazıcı said the ruling party aims to prepare a package that would appeal to all segments of society in a letter sent to all deputies.

"The main goal is to create a well-studied reform perspective and package which would raise our nation's hope for the future, excite society and be accepted by all segments of society including the ones who voted ‘no' in the referendum," Yazıcı said in the letter, as the party ramped up efforts to complete the adjustment law package for the new presidential governing system.

The presidential system was approved as a result of the referendum held on April 16, 2017. Turkey will be ruled by a presidential governing system as of 2019, which necessitated making a series of legal regulations in accordance with the approved new system.

Stressing that those who oppose the new system would attempt to create confusion about the system, Yazıcı said, "We need to focus on explaining the benefits of the new system." In his letter, Yazıcı underlined that it is significant to gain the support of the youth and added that a package, which does not leave question marks on the minds of citizens, would contribute to the election process in the upcoming election period, the debates will most likely to be about the new system." Yazıcı said the structure of the ministries will be reshaped in line with the purpose of accelerating the execution's decision making and implementation process and increasing the bureaucratic effectiveness as well. He highlighted that a bureaucratic system that is rigid and indifferent to the demands and expectations of the citizens will be left behind. In the process of forming the new system, a perspective upholding the basic rights and liberties will be adopted, Yazıcı said. He also mentioned that a mechanism which would ensure coordination between the presidency and the units tied to the presidency will be formed. The mechanism will be expected to play an effective and guiding role.

The ruling AK Party and the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), which formed an alliance for the 2019 presidential elections, have stepped up efforts to make the necessary regulations for the new system. It has been reported that the two parties' joint committee formed for the alliance talks will now focus on the adjustment laws.

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