Gazans seek comfort at sea-side iftars

Published 29.06.2015 21:37
Updated 29.06.2015 21:41
Gazans seek comfort at sea-side iftars

Gaza residents are desperate to put painful memories from last year's Ramadan behind them as they celebrate the holy month this year by the seaside.

Last Ramadan, the Gaza Strip was regularly pounded by the Israeli army, killing thousands, many of whom were women and children. The attack devastated Gaza and most of the area is still in a state of disrepair. Many Gaza residents are looking to move on from the horrific memories of last year, as they head to the seaside to enjoy Ramadan away from the wreckage and tented villages. While the seaside isn't home for everyone, it does provide a welcoming break from the heat and the electricity crisis in the battered Gaza Strip.

The Harara family lives in a tent in front of the wreckage of their home in the city of Shajaiya, which was bombed by Israel last year. "I am so glad my husband offered us an iftar dinner at the seaside, we live in a tent in front of our house's ruins. We want to get rid of the war memories and breathe a sigh of relief. Our children suffered from the war last year during Ramadan and we want them to be happy and relieved this year," said the mother of the family.

The Es-Seykali family also goes to the seaside for iftar during Ramadan. "We watch the sunset, and the sea is very beautiful. We want to bring the joy of Ramadan to the beach after what we experienced last year. The seaside is refreshing to us," said the father Mahmut Es-Seykali.

Although it has been a year since the attack, Israel is still not allowing construction materials across the border, forcing Gazan's to continue living among the wreckage. Israel has been imposing a blockade on Gaza for years and during last year's attacks, which lasted for 51 days, almost 2,000 people died and thousands of buildings were destroyed.

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