Snapchat surpasses Twitter in daily users

Published 07.06.2016 00:00
Updated 07.06.2016 00:01

According to a recent Bloomberg article, Snapchat, a popular application allowing users to take photographs and videos called "snaps," now has 150 million daily users, surpassing all-time favorite Twitter, which has less than 140 million users.

The report says that "the app had 110 million daily users in December," highlighting Snapchat's rapid growth in popularity. A recent Twitter report shows that the number of average monthly active users was 310 million in the first quarter of 2016. "The company doesn't disclose how many of those people check in daily but in the third quarter it said about 44 percent of monthly users are active each day in the service's top 20 markets," Bloomberg further reported.

Developed by Daniel Smith and his team at Stanford University, Snapchat is becoming increasingly popular among young people. In Turkey, the app is the fourth most widely used multimedia mobile service among Turkish students with 14 percent of private university students, according to another report by the Media Association in collaboration with the University Media Union.

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