Shelter in western Turkey offers classical music therapy for street animals

MUĞLA, Turkey
Published 25.08.2016 20:42
Updated 25.08.2016 20:43

Hundreds of street animals staying at the Bodrum Municipality Animal Shelter in Muğla province are receiving therapy sessions with classical music. Bodrum Municipality Mayor Mehmet Kocadon said they offer musical therapy to animals upon the advice of some veterinarians. "We decided to follow the instructions of some experts after they told us that classical music has a relaxing and soothing effect on animals. We are broadcasting classical music all around the shelter," Kocadon said. Ayşe Elvan Canbakan, one of the veterinarians of the shelter, said the classical music has positive effects on animals. Stating that they calm excessively angry animals via classical music, Canbakan continued: "Classical music helps very much in calming animals down. We follow classical music's effects by closely observing the animals. This is also a system used in the shelters in the U.S. and Europe. We make them listen to music all day long and observe that they become calmer with every minute that it's played."

After renovation works, the shelter has re-opened. Kocadon said the renovation cost TL 300,000. "We will renovate the animal shelter in Turgutreis as well. The newly renovated care center and shelter can give ultrasound scans and X-rays to the animals and run their blood tests."

Kocadon also said the capacity of the animal shelter will be increased in the near future. He offered insights to the current status of the shelter and said: "The operation room has been enlarged. Currently we are sheltering over 600 animals. We sterilized around 2,000 animals and our target is to reach 4,000 animals by the end of 2016. So far, we also set nearly 3,000 animals free into nature. Our only problem is the animals that are brought by people on vacation and left in the region when their holidays are over. This tires us very much. We are also suffering from a veterinarian shortage. Our biggest hope is to find enough financing and sterilize cats and dogs in the entire Bodrum area." Kocadon said all animals have a right to live and they continue to work to offer the best treatment to animals in need.

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