Volunteers carry out maintenance of rural schools in Muğla

Published 27.04.2017 01:45

Volunteers from Muğla International Youth Center are contributing to society by mending and repairing underprivileged schools in the rural areas of the province.

The youth center has around 1,500 volunteers in total. Mostly consisting of high school and university students, these volunteers come together to take part in different social and cultural activities. They also help students in remote villages and try to provide them with a good environment for education.

In the last two months, the volunteers have carried out maintenance work at a number of rural elementary and middle schools. They included Milas Sakarkaya and Menteşe Yeşilyurt Elemntary School, Menteşe Çiftlik Elementary and Middle School, and Menteşe Denizova Middle School.

The volunteers painted the walls of the school buildings, built libraries and organized various sports activities to entertain young children.

Project coordinator İrfan Bircan said volunteers from the center have involved themselves in social activities for the last five years. According to him, their main aim is to provide elementary and middle school students with an environment where they can focus on their studies.

One of the volunteers, Aziz Çınar from Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University, said they organize projects during particular months and weeks of the year.

Stressing that their work was completely based on voluntary labor, Çınar said: "We want to entertain children and make them happy. We painted the walls of their schools together and drew some figures on them. We also played some games. Our happiness is in seeing happy children."

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