Woman faints after accidentally breaking $44,000 jade bracelet in China jewelry store

Published 29.06.2017 15:00
Updated 29.06.2017 15:27

A tourist visiting Ruili city in China's Yunnan province had to learn the hard way that the concept of 'you break it, you buy it' was true, as she was forced to pay $44,000 for a jade bracelet that she accidentally dropped while shopping at a jewelry store.

The woman reportedly tried on the bracelet in question Tuesday before asking the price. Hearing about its astronomical tag, she was so shocked that she immediately tried to take it off.

However, the pricy little bracelet slipped out of her hands and dropped on the floor before breaking into two pieces, upon which the woman fainted in horror.

Footage of the moment filmed by bystanders and shared on social media platforms has been watched by thousands.

Fellow customers were able to hold the woman just in time, while another bystander reportedly tried to bring the woman's consciousness by pinching her upper lip, as the Chinese people traditionally do to wake someone up who has passed out.

The woman was later taken to a nearby hospital for medical treatment, NDTV reported.

"She fainted because of the shock, but fortunately she is fine after having emergency treatment in the hospital," Lin Wei, who is one of the shop's owners, said.

The woman's family could only offer $10,000 to pay for the broken jewelry, while the shop demanded $26,000 to resolve the matter, the Daily Mail reported witnesses saying.

The price of $26,000 was appraised by a third-party jeweler, news portal Sina said.

Jade is considered a luxury product in China and is believed to represent good health and a long life for its owners.

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