Bus driver praised for helping injured dog

Published 27.09.2017 17:31
Updated 27.09.2017 17:39

When he stopped to help a dog he accidentally hit, Eren Karadaş became the hero of the day on social media. Karadaş was driving passengers on a public bus in Kocaeli in northwestern Turkey when he hit the dog. Instead of leaving the injured dog on the road like many other Turkish drivers have, he stopped the bus, took the injured dog on the bus and called the emergency services for help. The dog was treated by veterinarians while Karadaş' video - taken from the security camera on his bus - has gone viral on social media, with people praising his actions. In the video, Karadaş is seen driving with the dog lying on the floor of the bus while he pleads for help from the emergency services over the phone. When the veterinarians arrived, he stopped the bus and waited as they treated the dog.

The dog is currently recovering in a clinic and Karadaş spoke to Anadolu Agency (AA) about the incident. "[The dog] suddenly jumped in front of the bus. When I realized I had hit him, I called the veterinarians of the municipality [where Karadaş works]. They told me I had to wait there, but I had passengers on the bus that I needed to take to their destination. So I decided to take the dog on the bus and take him to an animal shelter. The vets finally caught up with me and I handed the dog to them," he said. Karadaş said a passenger objected when he briefly stopped the bus to wait for the veterinarians but other passengers sided with him.

"I felt very sorry for that dog. It was shivering, so I turned on the heater. I couldn't simply leave it there. I called the vets today to find out what happened and they told me the dog is still recovering from a fracture on its hip," he said.

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