Balat's new auction house meets antique enthusiasts

Published 26.10.2017 00:47
Updated 26.10.2017 00:49
Balat's new auction house meets antique enthusiasts

Teos Antik, an auction house located in Istanbul's culturally-diverse Balat neighborhood, hosts a wide range of antiques mainly from the Ottoman period, Anatolia, Russia and Italy. Aside from holding monthly auctions, this colorful spot, which brings together antique enthusiasts and historic pieces, also organizes various workshops addressing women and youth, such as weaving, jewelry design and pot painting.

Hosting antiques in Istanbul's Balat neighborhood that keeps the spirit of the old traditional Istanbul alive, Teos Antik houses a great variety of antique art. Having around 500 works, the auction house predominantly comprises of European works from the 18th and 19th centuries and pieces remaining from the Soviet Union and Ottoman Empire as well as pieces from various Anatolian cities. Innumerable handmade pieces await visitors in this place including spinning-wheels, a threshing board that was once used to separate the wheat from their straw, hand-knotted carpets, half-a-century-old Kütahya chinas and wall mosaics. Also showcasing works by young artists, Teos Antik aims to introduce new hobbies to the youth and women with the workshops it organizes. Various workshops are held on weekends including weaving, jewelry design and pot painting.

Balat preserves the spirit of old Istanbul

Mehmet Teoman Ünligil, a businessman and the founder of Teos Antik, said: "An antique is the most meaningful reflection of fidelity. Returning to the old days while touching and looking at the old materials evokes indescribable emotions. In Balat, one of the rare places that preserves the spirit of old Istanbul and the neighborhood culture, we are presenting antiques alongside modern pieces by young artists. In other words, we are combining the old with the new."

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