What to pack in your summer travel bag

Published 10.07.2018 22:56
Updated 10.07.2018 23:01
What to pack in your summer travel bag

It is that time of the year when we are on the move for a vacation on the beach which requires a mastery of packing without skipping essential items

Metropolises gradually become unbearable for most of us as the heat of summer hits the northern hemisphere with increasing temperatures each day. As a result, many stuck in cities flock to seaside getaways to enjoy the softness of the sand and refreshing dips in cool, salty water. For those who cannot afford to take a two-week vacation, weekend getaways in nearby resort towns are also a great chance to take a break from smothering city life. Whether you decide to take an extended or two-day vacation, both require practical travel bags stocked with the most necessary, but minimal, items possible.

Although going minimal sounds a bit tricky, you can easily get by with the must-have, most frequently used essentials that will make life on the road more convenient. One of these items is a small face towel. This is a basic daily item that is often overlooked when we pack but very handy during travel for various reasons: It is convenient for soaking up sweat on those hot summer days and if you do not stay in a five-star hotel - and sometimes, even if you do - a small towel is not only more convenient for drying your clean hands, but it also helps prevent the use of extra larger towels, reducing your laundry output and thus, your water consumption and environmental impact.Now that we have established the usefulness of small face towels, it is time to discuss the other key items to pack for our vacation. The number one rule when it comes to a summer travel bag is to pack your thinnest, lightest clothes in the most efficient way.

However, in addition to those breathable items, there is an article of clothing that is a must no matter where or when you travel: Jeans. It is a fact that finding a light pair of jeans that are suitable for summer heat while still being stylish and comfortable at the same time is quite tricky. Still, jeans are the saviors for any unexpected situation since they can be paired with almost anything without much effort; on top of that, they do not get dirty easily and can be worn multiple times, simply a must-have for any travel bag. Another piece similar to jeans in terms of usefulness is a basic white T-shirt. Even if you do not plan to wear a white T-shirt on vacation, taking one just in case, just like your jeans, may come in handy. For instance, if something happens to one of your outfits, you will have your white T-shirt and jeans, a combination that almost never fails.

The last basic piece you may need is a pair of comfortable sneakers in case you decide to explore the place you are visiting. As a bonus, sneakers will also perfectly compliment your emergency jeans and T-shirt outfit in a pinch.Although jeans and sneakers are great for a quick holiday look - after all, every vacation is an adventure waiting to happen - it is also smart to pack a nice dress and some flats or even high heels. Summer nights are usually full of opportunities that may require you to dress up a bit. Since summer nights can also be a bit chilly, especially near the sea, the last essential piece of clothing is a shawl, which can be used both as a chic accessory and to keep warm.

What about the makeup bag?

Apart from your clothes, toiletries are what will keep you looking and feeling yourself. Most of us have a whole cabinet full of daily "essentials" for our morning routines. Unfortunately, a tiny suitcase cannot accommodate our four favorite lotions, two hairsprays and the numerous other things that make our lives complete. For a vacation, the most important item is, of course, a toothbrush. Granted, every market has a toothbrush section, but who wants to spend time shopping for a toothbrush when they can be on the beach?

Another important item is sunscreen. Although there are still many people unaware of how important it is, sunscreen is crucial for protecting your skin from the dangerous effects of UV rays that not only cause nasty sunburns, but can also lead to serious health problems and early signs of aging down the road. In fact, applying sunscreen is a habit that should be adopted all year long. However, since we tend to be outside more in the summer, we get much more exposure to UV rays than in the colder months. After soaking up the rays all day, you will probably want to soothe your skin with an after sun cream, and don't forget to protect your lips by packing a lip balm with SPF, making sure to use it regularly throughout the vacation.

Once you have your sun protection covered, move to other necessary items such as tweezers and makeup-remover wipes, items that are needed anytime and anywhere. Packing a mini mirror might be a smart move, especially if your makeup compacts do not have them built-in. Mirrors are always handy to sneak a quick peek at your makeup or hair while out and about. Last but not least, insect repellents are always a good idea since bugs usually go crazy this time of year, and no one wants to come back from a vacation covered in swollen, red bites.

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