After a decade in Silicon Valley, Turkish man returns to village to create and innovate

Published 16.07.2018 20:56

Sezer Yalçın, a software development specialist who worked for companies, such as eBay, Yahoo and Microsoft in Silicon Valley for 10 years, became an entrepreneur with the support he received from the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization (KOSGEB).

Having moved to Müsellim village in the Babaeski district of Kırklareli province three years ago from the U.S., Yalçın, 40, produced a smart room thermostat which can be controlled through mobile phones with the internet thanks to an application he developed at his home-based workshop. This product, which he named Kombimaster, has been introduced into the market.Yalçın, puts a lot of effort in the research and development of his tech products, to produce new things to make human life easier, as well as to develop software. Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Yalçın said that he started to work in the computer, software and internet fields after completing his studies at Boğaziçi University.

After working in Istanbul he went to the U.S. in 2001 where he worked as a software development specialist for different companies in Silicon Valley. He did this for 10 years until his love for his country called him back.

Upon coming back Yalçın applied to KOSGEB after he heard that it gave support to those who wanted to establish a business.

With this support, Yalçın developed a smart room thermostat. He stressed the product was introduced into the market as an internet controlled device which can change house temperature by itself at specific hours.

"It is a device compatible with boilers in cities which have natural gas. This provides both convenience and savings. When it is not used, the boiler is automatically switched off. There are some similar products; however, I produced a local and useful one. The software and design are mine. If some other integration is added to this product, it can have authority to control many things, including automation systems."

Yalçın said that he learned that there had been a water problem in his village for years, however today there is no water problem, thanks to the software he produced. He mentioned that the problem was solved in a short period due to a new system being introduced along with some changes to the older system.

"I developed software which can measure water in a tank from the location of the pump without using wireless communication. The pump has automatically been working for two years, and since then there has been no problem. Besides, the costs associated with the old system have decreased. While the pump is working at a level that can satisfy the water need of the village, it works at a higher speed at night as electricity is cheaper then. This provides electricity saving for our village. Our headman and people are happy with this. I am also happy to be able to contribute to my village by using my abilities," he added


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