Not a drop: Man leads healthy life 'without drinking water'

VAN, Turkey
Published 25.07.2018 21:09

Water is the source of life. From animals to plants, every living thing on earth needs water to survive. Most would agree, there's nothing like a glass of cold water on a hot summer day - most, that is, except a 65-year-old man from Van.

İhsan Duran from Van's Saray district claims that he has not drunk water for 50 years. Stating that he does not remember the last time he had a sip of water, Duran said: "I drink tea instead. I only use water to bathe."

The expectation is that a man who does not drink water would be unhealthy, but Duran says he has never been seriously ill, let alone in need of a hospital or medication.

"I have a place in the highlands. I make my own medicine from the herbs that I collect whenever I feel sick," Duran said.

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