French cyclist on climate change tour, stops by Erzincan

Published 15.11.2018 00:49

A Frenchman hit the roads with his bicycle and rode from France all the way to Turkey's Ercincan to raise awareness about global climate change.

David Ligouy, who is an electronics technician, built a three-wheeled bicycle equipped with solar panels and arrived at Erzincan, pedaling 100 kilometers per day. Ligouy pedaled through Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungry, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Greece. The Frenchman said he has covered 8,000 kilometers so far and aims to talk about global climate change and peace.

The 47-year-old cyclist said he wants to raise awareness of climate change as well as the nuclear arms race. "I built this bicycle to show that the money spent on the nuclear arms race can be used to do something good for our planet. We need to put all our efforts into stopping climate change and bring peace to the world. I began my journey four months ago and this is my first bicycle tour. My initial aim was to pedal for 2,000 kilometers but it has been 8,000 already. I have visited 16 countries and I have no idea when this trip will end," said Ligouy.

During his visit to Erzincan, Ligouy was welcomed by the Erzincan Youth Center's students and he offered insights about his vehicle. With the help of a translator, the Frenchman also answered questions from the students.

After the visit, Ligouy set off for Poland to attend the Climate Conference which will take place next month.

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