New generation of leaders prepare for the future

Published 23.01.2019 01:15

The Istanbul-based Business Management Institute, which has been working as a bridge between the business and academic worlds since 2004, is launching its Global Digital Leadership training program in conjunction with the Sorbonne University in Paris, France.

The Global Digital Leadership program, which is scheduled to kick off on April 5, aims to enable today's leaders to overcome the obstacles that they may face with the digital transformation processes of their companies in the best way possible. One of the program's primary aims is to teach the leaders of the next generation to understand how to manage business life while showing them how changes in leadership style can positively affect an organization.

Participants in the Global Digital Leadership program will also have a chance to observe how successful organizations handle possible problems and bring the information they learn about changing consumer demands and new strategies together to put into practice.

The training program which will take place both in Istanbul at the Hilton Hotel Bomonti and in Paris at Sorbonne University, and is open to managers, senior managers, directors, deputy director generals, C-level directors and members of boards of directors. Moreover, members of family companies, people employed at large companies, government contractors, and people who have been working for nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) for at least five years are also able to join in the training. The program is perfectly suited for those working in general management, human resources, technology, strategic marketing and in the finance sector.

For further information on the Global Digital Leadership program, you can visit the Business Management Institute's official website

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