Exhibition showcases Ottoman archives on Turkey-Morocco relations

Published 27.06.2019 12:41

An exhibition displaying the relations between Turkey and Morocco through Ottoman archives documents opened with a ceremony held in the Moroccan capital Rabat on Thursday.

Some 72 documents are being displayed in the exhibition which was organized with the collaboration of Turkey's Rabat Embassy, Moroccan High Commissioner of Former Resistance Fighters, members of the Army of Liberation and Presidency of State Archives.

Ensar Fırat, chairman of Turkey's Yunus Emre Institute (YEE) - a flagship organization to promote Turkish culture and language abroad- branch office in Rabat told Anadolu Agency that the exhibition showcases the relations between the two countries.

Fırat noted that a book about the collective memory of Turkey and Morocco and their common history was also published with regard to the relations.

The opening ceremony was attended by Turkey's Rabat Ambassador Ahmet Aydın Doğan, Chairman of the Moroccan High Commissioner of Former Resistance Fighters Mustapha El Ktiri, along with various diplomats.

The exhibition is expected to attract visitors until the end of July.

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