Hamas urges Arab states to redress Egypt court ruling


Palestinian faction Hamas on Saturday called on Arab states to take measures to redress an Egyptian court ruling earlier in the day, labeling it as a "terrorist" organization.

"We call on Arab states to take measures to redress the decision of the court," Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said.

He described the ruling in a statement as a "collapse" of Egypt's stance toward the Palestinian cause.

Abu Zuhri, meanwhile, denounced the applause the decision of the Egyptian court received inside Israel.

Earlier in the day, an Egyptian court of urgent matters designated Hamas as a "terrorist" organization.

A legal request was filed in this regard by an Egyptian lawyer, in which he accused Hamas of standing behind attacks on Egyptian troops in the Sinai Peninsula and contributing to Egypt's current instability.

Israel's candidate for defense minister Amos Yadlin welcomed the decision of the court, describing it as "important."

He said the decision was important in that it made no distinction between the political and military wings of Hamas.

"Israel has to work with Egypt and other moderate countries to form a regional alliance against extremists," Yadlin told Israel Public Radio.

In January of this year, an Egyptian court of urgent matters designated Qassam Brigades, Hamas' armed wing, as a "terrorist" organization too.

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