Mubarak to stand trial again over 2011 killing of protesters

Published 05.06.2015 00:07

Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak will face a second and final retrial over the killing of protesters during the 2011 uprising which forced him from power, the high court said on Thursday. The Egyptian court annuls decision to drop Mubarak murder charge over protestor killings. The judge accepted the public prosecution's appeal against an earlier court ruling that dropped the case against Mubarak. The judge said the retrial, based on charges against him of conspiring to kill protesters during the 2011 Arab Spring uprising centered at Cairo's Tahrir Square, would begin on Nov. 5.

Last month an Egyptian court sentenced the former ruler and his two sons to three years in jail without parole in the retrial of a corruption case.

Mubarak, who ruled Egypt with an iron first for three decades, has already spent at least three years in prison for other cases. Mubarak, now 87, has been living at an army hospital in Cairo for most of the time since his ousting.

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