Electricity crisis disrupts livelihood in Gaza Strip

Published 28.05.2017 17:19
EPA Photo
EPA Photo

The power authority in the Gaza Strip warned that the ongoing electricity shortages in the blockaded Palestinian territory would have grave consequences.

"The crisis is affecting all aspects of livelihood in Gaza," Fathi al-Sheikh Khalil, the authority's deputy head, said during a press conference Sunday.

He stated that the cuts obstruct water supplies, sewage pumps and disrupt health services to patients.

"Israel is fully responsible for the ongoing electricity crisis in Gaza," he said, calling on Israel to fulfill the strip's electric needs.

According to Khalil, Gaza's power authority agreed to all conditions set by the Ramallah-based government to resupply the fuel needed to operate the strip's power plant.

The Ramallah-based Palestinian Authority has yet to comment on Khalil's statements.

The U.N. envoy to the Israeli-Palestinian peace process warned Friday that the Gaza electricity crisis was worsening.

"Today I am warning the [U.N.] Security Council that unless urgent measures are taken to de-escalate, the crisis risks spiraling out of control with devastating consequences for Palestinians and Israelis alike," Nickolay Mladenov said.

Gaza, which requires 400 megawatts of electricity per day, continues to suffer from a severe power crisis that has forced local authorities to adopt a rotation system, cutting power from some areas in order to supply electricity to other areas.

Israel provides 120 megawatts of electricity to the Gaza Strip, while Egypt provides 32 megawatts. Gaza's power plant provides only 60 megawatts, according to Palestinian Energy Authority figures.

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