Egypt’s Sissi celebrates French Foreign Minister Le Drian’s birthday

Published 02.07.2018 00:34
Updated 02.07.2018 00:36

Egyptian President Abdel Fatah el-Sissi on Thursday put extra frosting on a Cairo meeting with the French Foreign Affairs Minister when he brought out a cake to celebrate Jean-Yves Le Drian's birthday.

Sissi had welcomed Le Drian to Cairo to discuss boosting Egyptian-French relations, and the date fell close enough to the minister's 71st birthday – June 30 – for his Egyptian hosts to sweeten the deal.

At the top of the agenda was international and national political cooperation, including the conflicts in Syria, Libya and Palestine. Sissi also reportedly discussed several national cultural projects, including the Grand Egyptian Museum currently under construction, during the meeting.

French Ambassador to Cairo, Stefane Romatet posted the photo of the two leaders with a huge birthday cake on Twitter. He said Sissi's cake was a gesture of friendship.

Egypt and France have strong historical relations, in politics, military, economy and trade.

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