Zorlu PSM to host 2 events for the month of Ramadan

Published 09.06.2017 00:59

With the cooperation of Atlantis Yapım, Zorlu PSM (Performing Arts Center) is preparing to welcome music lovers with two special events unique to the month of Ramadan within the scope of the ‘Vestel Proudly Presents' concerts.

The orchestra of Selim Selçuk, the son of composer and musician Münir Nurettin Selçuk, an important figure who shaped Turkish music history, will be on stage for an event entitled "Babamın Şarkıları" (My Father's Songs) on June 9, while "Direklerarası" (Between Posts) of Alaturka Records, with the art direction of Uğur Işık will be on Zorlu PSM Drama Stage on June 13.

My Father's Songs

The Selim Selçuk Orchestra together with vocalists Dilek Türkan and Atakan Akdaş will be performing different genres and forms of songs by Münir Nurettin Selçuk, the doyen of Turkish music at "My Father's Songs." The unrivaled and invaluable songs will be performed by the orchestra of Selim Selçuk, drummer and percussionist, which has a six-person instrument staff including a kanun, kemancha, tamburine, piano, keyboard player and percussionist together with three chorists, the night will turn into a musical feast.

Dilek Türkan and Atakan Akdaş will take the stage on this unforgettable night to perform songs like "Kalamış," "Aziz İstanbul" (Dear Istanbul), "Aşıka Bağdat Sorulmaz" (Don't Ask a Lover about Baghdad) and "Endülüste Rask" (Dance in Andalusia), all some of the best and the most popular songs of Turkish Classical Music performed by some of the best musicians of Turkish Classical Music.


The "Direklerarası" project of Alaturka Records, with art direction by Uğur Işık will transport Ramadan celebrations in old Istanbul to Zorlu PSM's stage. With two concerts, "Girizgah" and "Sır: Şeb-i Arus Ceremony," in the last season, Alaturka Records will make a contemporary reference to the "Post to Post Ramadan Celebrations," one of the must-sees of old Istanbul.

The narrator of the program will be the master theater actor Altan Erkekli. The concert, which will present a contemporary version of "public storytelling" to the stage, will deliver a musical tale of this page from history to the stage with a modern touch.

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