Turkish teen takes 2nd place at international piano competition in Germany

Published 09.05.2019 19:57
Updated 10.05.2019 14:51
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A Turkish high school student came second in an international music competition held in Germany with the participation of contestants from 16 countries.

Pianist Azra Tuna Dayı of southeastern Gaziantep province took second place in the 15-18 age category in the contest called "Musical Fireworks at Baden-Wurttemberg," held from April 20-25 in Stuttgart.

The 15-year-old told Anadolu Agency (AA) that she has been playing piano for six or seven years and has been studying with her piano teacher Renata Popovych Çavdar for five years.

Dayı said that she plays piano for two hours every day, and has been attending international competitions in order to improve her skills. She previously participated in competitions in Bulgaria, Italy and Germany.

The young pianist noted that she wants to represent Turkey in bigger competitions in the future, adding that she also wants to receive a scholarship from Long Island Conservatory of Music in the United States.

Çavdar told AA that her student has the innate ability to move her fingers very quickly, which is a great advantage.

Çavdar said the competition in Germany required contestants to play high-level virtuosic pieces by German and Austrian composers.

"We worked very hard. We worked five to six hours a day while preparing for the competition," she said.

"I see a good potential in Azra as a pianist and a musician," she added.

Dayı will also participate in the "X Savshinsky International Music Competition," which will be held in January in the Russian city of St. Petersburg and features Mozart's works.

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