Ruling party sets rules for campaigns ahead of 2015 elections

Published 10.11.2014 15:18
Updated 10.11.2014 15:45
Ruling party sets rules for campaigns ahead of 2015 elections

Preparations for the 2015 general elections have recently been launched with the release of a guide named 'AK meetings'. Preparations for the elections are expected to gain pace with the Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu's planned visits to different provinces of Turkey.

The Justice and Development Party (AK Party) has prepared a guide to be used by organizations under its command as part of the 'election works', which the ruling party recently launched.

The guide, the preface of which was written by Davutoğlu, contains a list of do's and don'ts for the members of the party during the election campaign.

According to the booklet the party members will act with a team spirit. Brochures and banners that will be used during the campaigns will be delivered in central places; the party will use modern technology to communicate during the meetings; there will be close contact with local media outlets; and noise pollution will be avoided. No campaign songs will be played while passing by hospitals schools and places of worship, according to the guide.

The guidance also forbids any members to involve themselves in arguments on social media and suggests that the members ask for advice from opinion leaders.

As of next week, Davutoğlu will speed up his visits to Anatolia as part of the election campaign, which will involve attending various inauguration ceremonies.

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