Russian airstrikes continue hitting Turkmens, 200 killed since Wednesday


200 civilians have been killed in six days since Russian airstrikes against Turkmen villages started, as Turkish media outlets reported Monday that Russian jets bombarded Turkmen villages in northern Syria.

Previously Omer Ceren, the Syrian Turkmen Assembly's member who is in charge of Bayır-Bucak in Latakia province, said Sunday that no militants of Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) exist and they had been rebuffed two years ago, claiming that Russians carried out these airstrikes to back Bashar Assad.

"Following their inclusion, strikes against Bayır-Bucak increased 300 percent and only civilians, hospitals were targeted in these," he said, adding he is concerned about a likely huge influx of Turkmen refugees.

Moreover, the head of Syrian Turkmen Assembly Abdurrahman Mustafa had confirmed that the airstrikes are targeting Turkmens living in Syria. Speaking to Daily Sabah, Mustafa underlined that the Russian airstrikes are targeting rural regions and Turkmen villages like Al Mukerremiyya, Talbiseh, Al Zaafarana and Al Ganto located to the east of Hama and the north of Homs, where, he added, there are neither ISIS members nor any radicals present, only Turkmens and Syrian opposition groups.

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