Operation rescues family stuck at home for 48 days due to PKK threats

Published 19.01.2016 23:33

A couple and their three children in Sur, where heavy clashes have been taking place have been rescued by security forces in a special operation after being stuck at home for 48 due to threats from the PKK.Security forces launched a special operation for the family in the district. The family had reportedly been threatened by the PKK to not leave the district. There had also been reports in Turkish media about the PKK's calls for Kurds in the region to not leave their houses and participate in the so-called resistance.

The family was taken to a health center following the operation and security forces also provided them with food and other personal needs.

Expressing their gratitude for the operation and security forces, the father of the family said: "We could not leave our house for days. We were stopped every single time we tried to leave. May God give power to our soldiers and police officers. May God bless our state."

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